Why just learn Shakespeare history when you can experience it?

Like science labs for Shakespeare history.

Explore the life of William Shakespeare by diving in and experiencing the foods, clothes, games, and history of 1564-1616 for yourself with video tutorials, printable guides, instructions for games, recipes you can cook at home, and activities you can complete anywhere.

What's Inside:

  • History guide to the background of what you're learning about & where it is found in Shakespeare's plays.

  • Video Tutorial that walks you through how the activity works, and what you can expect.

  • Complete supply list so you have everything you need.

  • Printable step by step instructions so you can take the activity off the computer and into your home or classroom easily

  • Coordinating Interviews: Hear from the world's leading experts on the topic including bonus interviews, bonus podcasts, and coordinating history episodes.

  • Shakespeare Resource library full of printable maps, diagrams, worksheets, crossword puzzles, history guides, and more!

  • Get a 35 week syllabus that maps out how to use all the resources inside the membership to complete a dual credit history and literature course.

What people are saying:

“We've really enjoyed the kits and videos we've used so far...we're going to be starting into a study of Macbeth...I want to incorporate more of this history into our future studies now because it makes the plays make so much more sense.”

Erica T.

“I ...will in all future Shakespeare courses assign some of the episodes. Just so smart and fun and useful.””

Rebecca Totaro

“I assigned your…video on "Did Shakespeare Play Sports" to give my students a bit of background on all the sports references in Lear. They LOVED your video. I'm going to assign more.”

Lauren Shook, Assistant Professor of English at Texas Lutheran University

“"...takes you deep into the life and times of Shakespeare. Incredibly interesting and fun..."”

Matt V.

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Cook, play, and create your way through the life of William Shakespeare.

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  • How do I access the kits?

    Right when you sign up you have access to all of our kits, and new ones as they are added. That way, you can select the ones that you want to try first and can plan ahead to fit them into your lesson plans for the year where it will work best.

  • Will I need any specialty equipment?

    No specialty equipment needed!* All of the kits are designed to be completed with items you may already have at home. For items you do need to purchase, we crafted these kits to use items easily found at your local market or store. *We have just added a few more complicated kits that require specialty items (like making Iron Gall Ink). Where that occurs, we let you know the kit is advanced and we have links to partnering vendors who are offering those products at a discount to our members.

  • What kinds of topics are covered in the kits?

    Card games, recipes, and crafts are the categories we cover in each kit. You will learn how to play games like Noddy and Maw as well as how to cook Apple Wassail, learn to make Tudor Soap Balls, and make Tudor Candles.

  • Are there also lesson plans I can use?

    Yes! These kits are designed for educators to be able to bring hands on activities into their classroom. We try to make that easy to do by giving you a 35 week syllabus that maps out how to use not only the activity kits but the resources in our printable resource library to complete a dual credit history and literature course on Shakespeare. You will receive this syllabus in your welcome email.

  • What's inside the Printable Resource Library?

    We have worksheets, lesson plans, history guides, maps, diagrams, discussion questions, skit ideas, and writing prompts. It's printable extras that coordinate with the activities, Shakespeare's plays, and the podcast so it's easy to match up the lesson plans with ways to expand the activity or to help those kinesthetic leaners that need to be coloring or drawing while they listen.

  • Can I get help if I have questions?

    Yes! As a member, you have priority email access to me, Cassidy Cash, (and sometimes my team) to answer any questions you have or to offer help when you need it. You can expect to get email responses within 24 hours M-F (excluding holidays).

Try this game for free.

Download the instructions for Noddy, a 16th century card game.

One of our most popular kits is all about how to play the card game Noddy. Download the instructions for this game here as a sample of what's inside the kits we offer. You can try the game out for yourself to learn how to play the game and see if Shakespeare history activity kits are right for you.