Learning about Shakespeare is fun.

Explore the life of William Shakespeare by diving in and experiencing the foods, clothes, games, and history of 1564-1616 for yourself with video tutorials, printable guides, instructions for games, recipes you can cook at home, and activities you can complete anywhere.

Explore the Plays, Too!

Each kit comes with detailed history guides and bonus resources.

Each activity kit comes with a detailed history guide and background for the game, recipe, or craft you are working on. We also include links, quotes, and examples from Shakespeare's plays baked into all of our content along with relevant podcast episodes so you can learn from globally recognized experts about the activity you're working on .

DIY Shakespeare History

Hands on activity kits and printable history resources

What people are saying:

“I’ve been delighted... how fun you make the learning, with every subject...Amazing."”

Rebecca T.

“"We just love taking these courses. You make Shakespeare fun!"”

Elizabeth R.

“"Cassidy makes history fun..."”

Scott M.

“"Elegant, fun, and deeply wise! Cassidy Cash [packs] details (both beautiful and gritty) about Shakespeare’s literature and life. An absolute joy!!"”

Wendy G.


  • Can I buy the kits one at a time?

    Absolutely! You can purchase a month of access to any kit individually for $30 each, or you can become a member to get unlimited access to all of our kits for $179/year. If you are going to use more than 4 kits, or you want access longer than one month, being a member is the best deal.

  • How long do I get to keep the kits?

    As long as you remain a subscriber you will keep access to your kits. When you purchase them individually (non-member), you get 30 days of access.

  • What's inside the resource library?

    We have a collection of printable worksheets, illustrations, maps, diagrams, and lesson plans that let you take our show into your classroom. We even have a 35 week syllabus available that maps out how to use all of our resources to complete a dual credit history and literature course for high school.

  • Do I need any specialty equipment to complete the kits?

    Most of our kits are designed to be completed with items you may already have at home or that you can easily find at your local market or store. There are a couple more advanced kits that will require specialty items, but we have partnered with authentic retailers in those instances to provide links to discounted products when you need them.

  • What other benefits are there to being a member?

    As a member, you not only get access to our kits and resources, but you also get our video streaming library and special events. We have virtual tours, documentary films, animated plays, and insider footage from our partnering historical organizations to get you up close and personal with Shakespeare's history. Not to mention bonus interviews! PLUS, when we go on virtual tours to places like Kenilworth Castle and Stratford Upon Avon, you (and your students!) can come along with us with members-only invitations to have your questions answered live on the tours. Being a member here is joining the best Shakespeare history club ever.